If you’ve ever dreaded your comprehensive eye exam because you don’t like getting your eyes dilated, you now have another option: optomap. This is essentially a photograph of your retina, and it doesn’t require eye drops or dilation. Optomap provides an easy alternative that can show your optometrist what’s happening inside your eye. At Devine Eyes in Columbia, SC, we offer this option, making your eye exam much easier to get through.

The Benefits of Using an Optomap

The biggest benefit of using an Optomap is that you likely won’t have to have your eyes dilated. However, there are rare times when dilation might still be necessary.

Another benefit of using optomap is that the picture taken is permanent. When an optometrist dilates your eyes and examines each that way, there’s no record other than what the optometrist writes down. With an Optomap, a visual record of your eyes is made.

An Optomap is safe and does not cause pain. The picture develops almost immediately, and it can be used by anyone, no matter the person’s age.

Reasons to Use an Optomap

By using an optomap, you can avoid blurry vision from having your eye dilated, safely drive yourself home right after the appointment, and have a record that you can compare to future Optomap pictures. It’s really one of the better advances in optometry.

Common Conditions the Optomap Can Screen for

Optomaps let optometrists check for retinal and macular problems like detaching retinas, macular degeneration, and other issues that affect that part of the eye. Other conditions that aren’t necessarily bad, but you’d want to keep track of them, like age-related macular degeneration are also visible.

Enjoy Easier Eye Exams with an Optomap

Devine Eyes in Columbia, SC, wants you to feel comfortable when having your eyes checked. We offer Optomap screenings along with other comprehensive eye exam components. Call us at (803) 376-4545 to arrange for an appointment for your next eye exam.