Playing sports can place you at risk for eye injury. Therefore, it is essential to wear the proper protective eyewear. Unfortunately, regular eyeglasses do not provide enough protection when playing sports and could make the situation worse, if the glass shatters. The optometry staff at Devine Eyes in Columbia, SC, understands the importance of sports vision and protecting your eyes at all times.

Sports Vision and Eye Injuries

Eye injuries can occur when playing any sport; however, some sports put you at a higher risk of injury. Eye injuries occur during games of baseball, softball, racquetball, and hockey. Airsoft rifles, pellet guns, and archery arrows can also lead to eye injuries.

Eye Care for Athletes

Wearing protective sports glasses made with shatterproof plastic should be worn when playing sports. Unique eyewear based on the testing completed to meet the American Society of Testing Materials standards or pass the CSA racquet sports standard. Please read all instructions related to your protective eyewear to ensure you are wearing it correctly.

What is Protective Eyewear? 

Protective eyewear is eyewear designed to withstand impact and protect your eyes. Sports eyewear can include face guards, safety goggles, and specially designed glasses for specific sports. Remember, regular eyeglasses, sunglasses, and contacts do not protect your eyes from injury, but protective eyewear can be made to match your vision prescription. Though not always required, it is still important you understand the need for protective eyewear.

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The optometry staff at Devine Eyes in Columbia, SC, understands the need to protect your eyes when playing sports. Regardless of if you need a corrective vision prescription or not, our staff can help fit you for protective eyewear. Call us at (803) 376-4545 for more information or to schedule an appointment with our eye doctor.

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